Monday, January 4, 2010

new beginnings

The darkhorse is a horse one would least expect to win, only to rush past the favourites in a sweeping triumph at the moment that matters most.

Although usually not a quitter, I gave up a promising future in commerce to join another rat race of a completely different field.


At the risk of sounding lame, I love fashion. I loved it before I knew what the word meant. I loved it before I knew Christian Dior revolutionised fashion with the New Look, Yves Saint Laurent gave women physical liberty in the form of Le Smoking or that Calvin Klein/ Kate Moss began an era of models so skinny, girls starved themselves (some die in the process) to achieve that cocaine addict effect.

I'm the dark horse because I hadn't always aspired to be a fashion designer. I've had a career in commerce and is starting out from the bottom again, and I'm not getting any younger.

My family is not loaded and my mum is not a retired model/ designer/ fashion editor/ buyer/ rock star. I didn't learn to sew/ draw when I was 2, and I was always pigeon holed to be the "businessy" type in high school.

But I am making my mark in fashion starting yesterday. I want to be extensively involved in fashion somehow.

The darkhorse is about my inspirations, aspirations, loves, hates, wants and opinions about all things fashion.

I might even ask for a (fashion related) job from time to time.

So watch this space and read this blog as I race towards The Moment.

Pauline xx

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